A lightweight rolling (or stable) Debian GNU/Linux Blend

(A little robot is building a new version regularly)

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3, 2, 1 Liftoff!

Get ready for launch. The fun awaits you!

Fasten Seat Belt and grab your copy of our unique operating system. Just hit the Download button and burn the ISO image on a USB flash drive using a tool like Etcher. Boot your computer from the device and make yourself familiar within the Live environment.


Are computers becoming more and more boring to you? SpaceFun FTW!

As the name implies, SpaceFun has been designed to bring back fun into computing. Not only good memories, but an operating system you can truly own. Build to be customized, it is just waiting for you to be discovered, enhanced and improved.


Light as a feather, SpaceFun is the ideal operating system for a smooth desktop experience.

SpaceFun is lightweight by design. It is based on Debian GNU/Linux and provides a complete desktop experience utilizing LXDE. Equipped with a community curated set of software, it can easily be extended according to your needs.

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