For the Kids!

IceFun is an operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux that has been optimally configured for the needs of children. It is super lightweight and should also run on older hardware. It includes a software collection for children from 4 to 14 years of age, but you can easily extend it to your needs.

Getting ready for take-off

To download IceFun, just follow the links on the Homepage. For a regular installation, we recommend the 64 Bit Stable version.

You will need the file with trailing .iso extension. After downloading, you can either Burn the image on a DVD or use a tool like Etcher to write it onto a USB thumb drive.

Afterward, boot your computer from the DVD or the thumb drive and make yourself familiar.

Please Connect to the Internet before you launch the Installer. This is especially important as some packages need to be downloaded during the installation process.

The installation itself is simple and straightforward. It only takes a few minutes of your time.

If you are happy with what we have included and how the overall system behaves, perfect.

Just that you know, there are plenty of things to tweak and to learn about, but those steps should be done by an experienced astronaut ;)

Installing Software

You can install new apps using the graphical Synaptic package manager.

After installation of, let's say, a superamazingprogram, you might have noticed that it does not appear in the menu directly. Just log out and log in again, and spot the newly installed program in the menu.

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